Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hardship of Shoes!

To me, Life is like shoes. They take a pounding on the hardest of floors, they take a beating through what we endure and still has to be strong through all the steps they take to make it. We put one foot ahead of the other not thinking sometimes of how we are walking our path but through it all our shoes just make way for us. Its even harder for me because I am a size 9 1/2. For those that know, you know what I am talking about, and for those of you with those small feet or I shouldn't say small feet, I mean "Natural size feet", that don't have to worry about where their next step is going to come from or if they are going to be balanced enough to get up and walk in those heels; its hard. Being a 9 1/2 is like a blessing and a curse. You tend to get left out a lot and you have to be prepared, though it is extremely hard at times, I know exactly what size I wear its just how to get there or find them. There is 7, 71/2, 8, 8 1/2, 9, ?, and then 10. I mean what happened? Did they just figure well that 9 1/2 is not important? What, not many people out there wear that size so its OK to skip? Well the world needs to wake up because there are people out there like me that need that half size. Where too little (9) is not enough and too much (10) is just too much. We invented this material need many moons ago not realizing that we were just packaging life in a different form. I mean, seriously people am I going crazy over shoes or does our shoes really tell a story and not just "a story" but our story! I bet if all of us take a look at a pair of shoes that we own that we have some kind of memory of them. Something happened, whether it be bad or good, that we can think of in life. Maybe it was the time of your life, the best party and the last party of its kind you went to, or that's the day you walked away from an unhappy situation and you didn't even know, maybe you got that job because of the interview that day, or you just had to buy them cause you had to have them and didn't know why other than they look damn good. I am right now embracing my 9 1/2. Its a lot easier said than done especially in an economy like this but I have to be strong and so do many of my fellow shoe sizes out there who are trying to take it one step at a time.

Lets talk shoes. Lets try to empty our closets of all the things holding us back that our 4 inch stilettos' dig right into. I know you can look at at least one pair and have a story to think of and tell. So share or let it off your chest, that's what I'm doing. You never know who might relate to your story.

Remember, for those of us who are still blessed with feet and can walk that they are with us through all of our deeds good or bad; and we put on a pair of shoes to walk us through them. So they were there people! They know!